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The Lev19 Website whose address is ( here after referred to as the website)) is managed by the Nineteen Group.
Dear Visitor, before registering for our services, please read the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to clarify and organize our relationship together. Your obligations and rights will be outlined within this document, as will the privacy policy that we abide by. Additionally, you will find a detailed description of how we use and collect information.
Entering our website is a confirmation that the Terms and Conditions have been read and confirmation that everything that is written within the site is accepted. If the Terms and Conditions are not acceptable to you, please do not continue browsing our site.

Everything that is written on our website applies to men and women equally.
We only want to know about you what you want to tell us about yourself. You may be asked to provide personal information about yourself such as name, telephone number, email address and other relevant details about yourself that allow us to update you in writing with relevant information. You should know that the moment you leave your details for us, it is an instruction for them to be included in the website’s database.
We confirm that we will not collect any information that is not related to us. Did you complete the form? It will not cost you money and it will not obligate you to anything.
If the information read is of interest to you and you register to receive the Newsletter, it is possible at any moment to unsubscribe. We will not be offended. It is important that you know that while browsing the Website, information about you is collected. What information, you may ask? Your website browsing habits, products purchased through the website, pages visited and in general what interests you. There is no need to provide this information, it is collected through you browsing the website. It is an unwritten consent. Why do we collect this information and what do we do with it?
Our goal is to constantly improve both the content and services that we offer you and the other visitors to our website. In most instances, the information collected is statistical and does not identify the user personally, but allows for the website to reach out to you in the future through a variety of channels, such as SMS, Email, Facebook etc. The website may also pass this information over to third parties. This will be discussed further below.
You can use the website for your exclusive purposes. And you undertake to provide us with correct and up-to-date information on the forms that you complete on the website. Once you provide details on the website you are authorizing us to use the details and transfer them to third parties who may contact you directly on their behalf. We confirm that your information will only be transferred in the event that it was requested by you or in the event we receive a request from a certified legal entity or a judicial order or in the case of legal proceedings between us and you.
If by mistake you do something illegal that may harm our website then it is clear the website will not be held accountable at all if non identifying information is sent on.
The user’s consent – right to browse, update and remove.
Any information provided by you through the website constitutes a clear and explicit agreement to the provisions laid out in the sections of 11 and 17 of the Privacy Protection Law 1981 and Section 30A of the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting 1982).
The User may change their personal information stored in the website’s database and/ or exercise his right to view, update or remove personal information by sending a written request (e-mail).
Removing personal information will not prevent the use of information until the time of removal.


In order to make the browsing of the website easier and more comfortable to analyze and to uniquely tailor the website to the needs and preferences of the User, for information and security activity the website uses and will use Cookies. This refers to small text files that are stored by the website’s servers through the browser onto the computer’s hard drive. The cookies do not contain any information that personally identifies you but does include information about your activity on the website. The use of cookies saves you from having to enter your personal information at any point in the future.
While browsing the website you will be exposed to third-party advertisements and external links. The website is not responsible in any way for the content and or advertisements.
In addition, our website contains various content including various promotional content for promotional purposes.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights of the website and the services it offers are the property and the exclusive property of the Website Owner and/or Third Party that granted the website Owner a license to use them. Under no circumstances can any of the website be copied, published, distributed, reproduced, translated, sold or any information from the website marketed. It should be clarified and emphasized that this refers also to the advertisement and/ or use on any other website and/ or collection through software and/or any other means and disseminating data from the website, the company’s servers, operation of the website and its databases, in a commercial and/or private manner.

Absence of Responsibility and Indemnity

Your use of this website is done solely at your own risk. We exert all our efforts in order to be accurate but we are only human and sometimes mistakes can happen. Therefore, you will not have the option to present claims or request changes to the content on the website. What may not be suitable for you, may be suitable for many others. The website does not take responsibility for any damage that may be caused to the user for browsing the website. This limitation of liability also extends to any damage or virus that could damage your computer equipment or unauthorized intrusion to the website.
The User undertakes to compensate the User for any damage that it may cause and/ or for their part in any Third-Party claim in or outside of Israel. This includes full legal expenses of any act or omission of the User in connection with the use of the website and / or the services provided through it.


Due to the fact that the platform we meet on, is an online platform, you hereby confirm that we have explained in full that we cannot guarantee complete immunity from intrusion into your Personal Computer and/ or the disclosure of information stored by us. Therefore, you commit to us not to make any claim on this issue.
Changes to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.
We have the right to change the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy above without any notification to you. Your use of the website is considered as evidence of your acceptance of the modified Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


The website operator reserves the right to exercise exclusive discretion regarding the cancellation of access to the website due to a breach of terms on your part. This is exclusive to the other rights set out above. If any of the Terms are found to be unenforceable by a competent authority, all other Terms will still apply and enforced to all Parties.

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